News Flash

Photographer with camera in studio

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding. Ephesians 1:7-8.

An allegory:

December 17: Rand Daily Mail – Johannesburg. Outbreak of unknown virus in Chonguene, Mozambique. More than 300 people dead. Tens of thousands attempting to flee the region. Relief groups struggling to respond. The Southern Africa Disaster Emergency Committee has gone on high alert. All border crossings with Mozambique closed pending a full investigation by the World Health Organization. President Nyusi has declared a state of national emergency. Military placed on high alert.

February 02: Portugal Post – Lisbon. Several area hospitals in Lisbon have isolated patients with symptoms of an unknown virus which possibly originated in Africa.

February 03: Portugal Post. Eighteen people dead from unknown virus. Public Health Services declare a medical emergency. The Prime Minister’s office has been contacted and an official statement will be released later today . . .

February 04: BBC. Panic strikes Europe – deadly virus on the loose. All European countries have cancelled flights and closed borders. Thousands of tourists, business executives, and students unable to return home.

February 05: New York Times. Killer virus crosses Atlantic! Mother and child lie critically ill in a Long Island hospital . . .

February 26: CNN. United Nations Statistical Office reports outbreaks of Necator Immune Syndrome – NIS, in thirteen countries. Death toll in thousands . . . Centres for disease control and prevention around the world frantically working on antidote . . .

March 21: CNN. Breaking news . . . vaccine imminent . . . Jerusalem lab has unlocked the code . . . rare blood type needed to make vaccine . . .

March 22: Globe and Mail. Blood type match found . . . Father gives authorities permission to use Son’s blood . . . Son of man died during transfusion . . . Father grieves . . . Vaccination in full production . . .

March 25: CNN. Salvation at last! Vaccinations 100 percent effective . . . New Life for millions . . . Celebrations among every tribe and tongue and nation . . . Weeping turned to rejoicing . . .

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