Be There…

Be There

“Choose life and not death!” 2 Kings 18:32  (NIV)

One of the tragedies of our time is a lack of commitment. People are full of talk but don’t always follow through in their walk. A man and woman stand before a congregation and say, “I do,” and three years later they’re in the divorce court saying, “I don’t.” A builder hires a sub contractor and half way through the job the sub contractor quits. A father tells his son, “I’ll be there . . .” then breaks his promise.

I remember when a man said to me, “Lawson, I know your work as a pastor is tough, but you can count on  me. I’m in your corner.” Eighteen months later I was struggling with some heavy duty issues and hoping for the man’s support. It never came. A month later the man left the church.

Then there was the young man who sent a text message to the girl of his dreams, saying, “I’ll climb the highest mountain, cross the hottest desert, swim the widest river, and even die at the stake for you. PS. See you on Saturday if it doesn’t rain.”

How about you? Are you known for your commitment? Do you follow through on your promises? Is your word your bond? “Let your ‘Yes’ be yes, and your ‘No’, no” (James 5:12). Do you have a James 5:12  testimony?

Choose to be there. To be there is to make sure your face is in the right place. It’s having character and context in continuity. It’s doing what you said you’d do in the place you said you’d do it, no matter what.

Jesus Christ demonstrated what it is to be there. He’s the epitome of commitment; His incarnation the centrepiece of dedication. So look and learn from Jesus . . . and choose to be there!

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