Gospel “Elvis-isms”

“There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:1

Jim Anderson is “Gospel Elvis,” a Christian by proclamation and a tribute artist by profession. Jim goes the whole nine yards. When you see him dressed in one of his Elvis costumes and hear him singing I Believe, How Great Thou Art, Somebody Bigger, or Amazing Grace, you’re hard pressed to think of him as anything other than the real McCoy. But he’s not Elvis. Jim is passionately in love with Jesus, committed to his wife and son, faithful in his home church, and a friend to all. He sings the gospel songs that Elvis sang for one reason and one reason alone, to proclaim salvation and fullness of life in Christ Jesus. As Jim unashamedly says, “I do not glorify Elvis Presley, I glorify Jesus Christ in an Elvis-like style.”

I think of Jim as the Minstrel of Evangelism. You’ll find him singing in shopping malls, downtown on the street, at secular and sacred music festivals, at weddings and banquets, in pubs and service clubs. Wherever Jim can find an audience, he’ll sing. He knows God’s calling on his life. Although Jim has never put it in these words, I’m sure he’ll agree that his mission is to go into all the world and sing the good news to all creation.

Being “Gospel Elvis” is only part of what makes Jim special. Jim is nearly as smooth in his speech as he is in song. He’s developed a unique genre of gospel “Elvis-isms.” These are colourful sayings, proverbs and idioms that spice his conversation. I’ve come to enjoy them over the years and when I asked Jim if I could share a selection of them with you he graciously gave permission. I’ll begin with some fun “Elvis-isms” then move onto the more serious ones.

I know I’m late but I’m worth waiting for.

It’s better felt than tell’t.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but I didn’t work on that job.

The theory of evolution made a monkey out of Darwin.

Some people will make it into heaven with the smell of smoke on their britches.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Frustration is the father!

Right or wrong I’m still the captain … but my wife is the admiral!

I’m the king of my castle and I have the Queen’s permission to say so.

Before you stick your neck out for someone, remember they could slam the window on it.

Would you like to swing on a star?

Carry moonbeams home in a jar?

Be better off than you are?

Then you need more medication!

Children are gifts, as arrows, from God. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full. The fuller it is, the more he quivers.

Good deeds often evaporate but a mistake sticks like glue.

You can’t choose whom your children will choose for friends but you can stock the pond.

Either lead – follow – or get out of the way.

I’m not the man I ought to be, but praise God! I’m not the man I used to be!

We get old too soon and smart too late.

What I can accomplish depends on what I overlook.

To everything there is a season – so plan ahead.

Without a song the day would never end;

Without a song a man ain’t got a friend;

Without a song the road would never bend;

Without a song … so I’ll keep singing the song.

What God has put in your hand is seed for your future.

If I’m the man God wants me to be, I’ll do what God wants me to do.

If science disagrees with God’s Word, it’s not good science.

Sometimes I get so homesick – for heaven.

Come apart and rest awhile before you come apart.

I can’t help how I feel but I can help how I act.

God has no grandchildren – only children.

Sharing Christ is one starving beggar giving a crust of bread to another.

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