Front line Christianity

“For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith” 1 John 5:4

I have a dream: I see countless believers on the march for Jesus. I see a dynamic and fresh movement of the Holy Spirit in which the bastions of sin and secularism are breached by the Gospel of salvation. I see an era of unprecedented spiritual activity in which the strongholds of darkness are stormed by the love of Christ. I see boldness – God’s people fearlessly prevailing against anything the enemy throws at them. And I see a time when sinners fall down in the streets as they cry out for mercy – a season in which the primary concern of our youth will be, “What must I do to be saved?”

The time is coming when Christians will be “strong in the Lord and in his mighty power” Ephesians 6:10. There will be a time when God will raise up regiments of believers bringing healing and comfort to the sick, bringing help and hope to the poor, and bringing the love of Christ to more people than we’ve ever seen before.

D-day is coming. The Commander in Chief, the Lord of lords, is going to train us, arm us with confidence and strength, go before us, and lead us in a life-changing movement in which every true believer will become a front line hero in the battle for the souls of this land. God has done it before and will do it again. Believers will move forward in His name, trusting in Him alone, and wielding “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” Ephesians 6:17. There will be no more carnal cant and posturing. Spirit-filled believers will raise up the spear to strike against godlessness and lukewarm religion.

This will be no minor skirmish. It will be all out combat. The safety of the trenches will be vacated. Believers will be head to head with the enemy and in hand to hand combat with the forces of darkness. It will be raw courage and gritty determination at its best. A struggle against overwhelming odds with a single-mindedness that won’t allow Christians to stop until the victory is won. Once again there will be great exploits for the King.

So get ready. God is going to take ordinary people and help them do extraordinary things. Regular believers are going to take God at His Word and believe that with God fighting for them no one will be able to stand against them. The promises of God will become a reality. Christians will refuse to settle for mediocrity, refuse to be apathetic, and refuse to sit back and accept the status quo. God’s men and women will be risk-takers. They’ll be prepared to face hostile cities, territories and nations for the Lord. They will stand in the gap and fight valiantly in the power of the Spirit. And they’ll take on impossible odds with no other hope but Him.

It doesn’t stop there. There will be an overshadowing presence and power of God. The enemy will be driven back. Spiritual territory will be won in the name of Christ. The darkness will become light. The lost will be saved. The sick made well. Abortion clinics will wonder where their customers went. Crack houses will close. Incidents of alcoholism will plummet. Hollywood will acknowledge the shift in audience preferences. Casinos will become churches. School curriculums will be informed by a Christian worldview. And local churches will become Holy Spirit centers of divine activity. For God isn’t limited. He’s stronger than anything the enemy can throw at us. He’s superior to any bastions of sin. He’s still the One with the resources of heaven for every warrior who fights the enemy in the name of Christ. And He still makes believers into front line heroes.

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