Under His Wings

Two Flying Doves

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge: his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4 (NIV)

After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park, forest rangers began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno’s damage. One ranger found a bird literally petrified in ashes, perched statuesquely on the ground at the base of a tree. Somewhat sickened by the eerie sight, he gently knocked the bird over with a stick. To his surprise, three tiny chicks scurried out from under their dead mother’s wings. The protective mother, keenly aware of impending disaster, had carried her offspring to the base of the tree and instinctively gathered them under her wings to shield them from the smoke and flames. She could have flown to safety, but had refused to abandon her chicks. Even when the blaze had arrived and the heat had scorched her small body, the mother had remained steadfast. But her death was not in vain. Because she’d been willing to die, those under the cover of her wings had survived [Source – National Geographic].

The mother bird is a graphic picture of God’s care and protection for His children. If your faith is in the Lord, you can be confident that even though others may succumb all around, no harm will even graze you, He will fend off danger, rescue you from hidden traps, make sure you’ll stand untouched. “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart” Psalm 91:4.

In a dog eat dog world it’s comforting to know that evil can’t engulf you, setbacks can’t sink you, and harm can’t hinder you “if you make the Most High your dwelling” Psalm 91:9. God is in the life saving business. If you hold onto the Lord for dear life, He will give you His full attention and get you out of trouble.

Call on Him and He will answer. He will be at your side in bad times. He will protect and defend you. He will give you the best of care if you’ll get to know and trust Him. That’s the unequivocal truth. God will cover you with His wings and keep you safe because His Word promises it, His character attests to it, His love guarantees it, and His actions confirm it.

Praise the Lord!

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