Little is much when God is in it!

Little is much when God is in iy (3)

Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity. Luke 6:38 (MSG).

Mission agencies have a significant role to play in connecting people with Jesus and His Story. I don’t use the word “significant” lightly. I believe God has uniquely equipped and empowered mission agencies to do some things that local churches can’t do or don’t do.

The challenges we’re facing in the 21st century are enormous. In many instances Christians are dealing with belief systems and public opinion that are blatantly antagonistic to their faith. If we want to reach our world, make a difference in our day, change nations for the good, then mission agencies need to be supported. Business and commerce can’t lift up society. Governments can only do so much. Spiritual innovation and entrepreneurial faith are required. Who will look out for the disadvantaged on a grand scale? Who will specialize in leading children with autism to the One who says, “My grace is sufficient for you”? Who will reach out to refugees and let them know that God loves every tribe and tongue and nation? Who will print and distribute the Scriptures that proclaim words of life? And who will embrace people in the margins so that they can know hope and fullness of life in Jesus Christ?

There are many Christians who have lowered their horizons. Let’s not be numbered with them. Little is much when God is in it. There are more opportunities to advance the kingdom of God than there have ever been before. So let’s dream and work together to reach others with the Good News.

Dreaming and working … Resources are needed to make dreams come true. Is there a cause that God’s placed on your heart.  Don’t do the least you can do – do what God wants you to do. Help a mission agency today. An American fund-raiser once said, “Philanthropy is the market for love.” So take the opportunity to exercise love by sending a financial gift to the mission agency God’s directing you to support.

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