For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him John 3:17 (NIV)

The prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the betrayal, rejection, trial, crucifixion, mocking, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ all came true. The probability that these Old Testament, and the other sixty-one major prophecies concerning Jesus, would all come true, is 1 in 10157.

To understand how remarkable it is for all the Old Testament prophecies to come true, Professor Stoner in Science Speaks says that suppose we took 1 in 1017, a much smaller probability, and used silver dollars to represent this probability, there would be enough silver dollars to cover the state of Texas to a depth of two feet. Then if one of those silver dollars was marked and all the dollars, including the marked dollar were thoroughly stirred, and a blind man was told he could travel anywhere he wanted to go but must eventually pick up one of the silver dollars and say, “This is the one”, that would represent the probability of getting it right!

It’s therefore an understatement, at best, to say that it was extraordinary for all the prophecies concerning Christ to come true. Surely you agree . . . the fulfillment of the prophecies point unswervingly to God.

Consider the evidence for yourself. Here are several prophecies and their fulfillment:

Betrayal: Prophecy (Psalm 41:7-9) . . . Fulfilled (Luke 22:14-21)

Rejection: Prophecy (Psalm 35:19-21) . . . Fulfilled (Luke 22:52-62)

Trial: Prophecy (Isaiah 53:7) . . . Fulfilled (Matthew 27:12)

Crucifixion: Prophecy (Psalm 22:16) . . . Fulfilled (Luke 23:33)

Mocking: Prophecy (Isaiah 53:7) . . . Fulfilled (Luke 23:35-38)

Death: Prophecy (Isaiah 53:12) . . . Fulfilled (Matthew 27:38)

Burial: Prophecy (Isaiah 53:9) . . . Fulfilled (Matthew 27:57-60)

Resurrection: Prophecy (Isaiah 53:10-12) . . . Fulfilled (Luke 24:1-12; 36-49)

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