If Christ

“But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible
for death to keep its hold on him” Acts 2: 24  (NIV)

‘Mission’ is one of those words that has become somewhat maligned and misunderstood in our time. My simple definition for mission is the task, ascribed to and undertaken by the church, of connecting people to Jesus Christ and to each other. Mission and Christ – the two go together. At the heart of mission is the mission of Christ. The medium is the message. Without Christ we have no mission. Consider this verse:

If Christ

If Christ be not true

If Christ died not for me and you

If from a tomb, He did not rise

To conquer death the third sunrise

Then all is lost – with faith we flirt

The mission bankrupt – hope inert!

But supposing Christ is really true

That He has risen to death undo

That from the grave He stepped aside

To be our Saviour – be our Guide

Then all is won – our trust concrete

And we lack nothing – the mission complete!

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