Visit Us

visit us

“ . . . and pray in the Holy Spirit” Jude 1:20  (NIV)

 It wasn’t a pretty picture. He was a rich man, yet poor. Considered a pariah, he was ostracized and despised. People went out of their way to avoid him. A short man, he was generally overlooked. But he wasn’t ignored. The State had appointed him Chief Revenue Officer, backed him up, given him authority.

His only friends were people within his profession. As friends go, they weren’t much. Loneliness was his closest companion. So you can imagine how he felt when a visitor arrived, a celebrity, who, needing a place to stay, picked the man out of the crowd that had gathered around, and asked if he could come to his house and stay.

He was shocked. The celebrity coming to his house! He was finally favoured; couldn’t believe his good fortune. But the community were ticked off. It wasn’t right, a travesty if ever there was one. People were spluttering and muttering. What was the celebrity thinking? Was he mad? What possessed him? Why on earth would he choose the pariahs’ place to stay?

Opportunity only knocks once. The pariah made the most of it. The encounter with the celebrity had changed everything. He cashed in fifty percent of his assets and gave them to the poor. It was impressive. He’d never done anything like it before.

Zacchaeus was his name. And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house . . .” (Luke 19:9).

What would you ask for if God said you could have anything? I know what I’d ask for. Without a moments hesitation I’d ask for a visitation from God.

A visit from God is the greatest thing that could ever happen. When God visits; the sick are healed, the weak made strong, the sinners saved, the saints filled, society transformed.

That’s why I’m praying – praying for a visitation, calling down the Father’s glory, pleading with Jesus Christ for an outpouring of His Spirit. You can join me. You can refuse to do nothing. Pray for a visitation. Pray for showers of mercy and grace. Pray for a flood of love that will sweep away wickedness, seep into every home, and saturate the nation.

When you pray for a visit from God it may well be the most important prayer you’ll ever pray. Just look around; the church, the community, the nation – all need a visitation like never before. So pray . . . pray that He will come into our homes and stay.

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