Beauty and Faith

“In the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1 (NIV)

When David Gillett completed high school he chose to pursue a career in architecture. It fitted well, so he thought, with his faith. He had a desire to create, to build beautiful things. You can imagine the pain he felt when his home church singled out the students going to Bible College; prayed for them publicly, gave them support, but overlooked the students who, like David, were pursuing ‘secular’ vocations.

I resonate deeply with David’s past pain. There should be no divide between the so called secular and sacred. All of life is sacred, all of life under the lordship of Christ. And all work should be done as an act of worship to Him.

I’m relieved that David didn’t get turned off by the church. He’s well known, in the neck of the woods where we live, for the attractive lakeside cottages he designs. And many appreciate the way he promotes and supports the bringing together of art and faith in the local church.

In fairness to the church David attended when he was younger, and like others in its era, they were going through a period of separation from the arts. But thankfully there’s a growing climate of change. In addition to the exegesis of word the church is incorporating an exegesis of image. There’s a fresh appreciation for graphic designers, poets, dancers, painters, and film makers in our churches. Beauty and faith are meeting again. The visual, dramatic, and literary arts are being redeemed and restored. Praise the Lord!

Beauty and faith await articulation – Love made man; His incarnation!

Beauty and faith await redemption – Nail pierced hands; our salvation!

Beauty and faith await completion – Stone rolled back; His resurrection!

Beauty and faith await perfection – Fullness of life; our proclamation!

Beauty and faith await restoration – To heaven returned; His ascension!

Beauty and faith await consummation – Glory to God; our coronation!

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