I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3 (NIV)

In 1962 a baby of only thirteen months was near death in a hospital in Matlock, Derby, England. Boiling water had been accidentally spilt on her and the resultant third degree burns had compelled the doctors to wrap her in ice packs in order to bring her temperature down. Unfortunately, the shock to her system brought on pneumonia and the medical practitioners told the parents the little girl would probably die.

The baby’s distraught father drove up to Masson Hill overlooking Matlock and as he gazed down on the town he realised he was worrying about the life of one little girl who would be going to Heaven to be with Jesus when thousands of people in the town below would be going to an eternity in hell without Jesus. There and then he recommitted his life to one of total devotion and service in the cause of Christ. At the same time he gave his daughter into God’s care with a readiness to accept either her death or recovery.

His daughter’s condition was no better when he arrived back at the hospital. In fact he was told she would probably die sometime during the night. But the baby didn’t die. God chose to spare her life. She made a miraculous recovery and grew up to be a beautiful godly woman, a mother of three wonderful children, a teacher, and my wife.

I’m extremely grateful. Because of the grace of God, Karen and I can remember how Dad went on to fulfill his promise of unstinting service to God until he was called home while preaching at Cromford Methodist Church near Matlock. His life had come full circle. After ministering as an evangelist in fifty countries the Lord chose to relieve him of his labours in the very same locality as he’d been called into service.

My heart is full of thanksgiving. God preserved Karen to be a blessing to her parents and He also preserved her as a special wife and best friend for me. That’s something for which I give God all the praise and glory and one of the many reasons why we have Philippians 1:3 inscribed on the inside of our wedding rings; “I thank my God every time I remember you.”

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