He’s Here

While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born.  Luke 2:6 (NIV)

The gloom of night was creeping in

And Joseph, worried, rubbed his chin

“We’ll find a place, I’m sure we will”

Yet through his body ran a chill.

Said Mary with a pain wracked grin

“The stars are bright, who needs an inn?

Hold onto faith, don’t fear the night

God knows our needs and sees our plight.”

They journeyed on, looked high and low

The darkness round them like a foe

It seemed as though no place they’d find

Cried Mary quietly, “I don’t mind.”

But care he did and bit his lip

What kind of husband took a trip

With nowhere for his wife to sleep

Except the rocks among the sheep

Short breaths, contractions, pushing down

Now Mary’s brow an anxious frown

“O God, not yet, O Lord, please wait

Please let my son, Your Son, come late.”

Then just in time the search was done

A shepherd’s barn, the only one

And gathering straw he made the bed

“I feel Him coming,” Mary said.

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