Beautiful Attitudes

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Matthew 5:3

Matthew 5:1-12 is no doubt Jesus’ greatest sermon. For the Beatitudes contain the essence of Jesus’ instruction, “the Compendium of Christ’s Doctrine” and “the Magna Charta of the Kingdom.” It reveals the kind of people we should be in our inward habits and our outward walk. And, as such, it should be pondered and practiced if we’re to be effective and intelligent disciples.

It therefore seems applicable to interpret the eight macarisms with the hope that these beautiful attitudes will enable you to know genuine happiness and real blessedness in life.

The Beautiful Attitudes.

I’m approved when I acknowledge my dependence on God and confess that I can achieve nothing by myself; for then God’s sovereign rule is mine.

I’m approved when I have a deep inner agony for personal and corporate sin; for then I’ll be comforted by the Comforter.

I’m approved when my instincts, impulses, passions and power are under the Spirit’s control; for then I’ll receive my allotted portion of all that God has promised.

I’m approved when I have a continual, sharp, intense and unconditional desire to be totally right with God; for then I’ll be absolutely satisfied.

I’m approved when I have forgiveness and compassion for the needy and help lessen their suffering; for when I’m merciful, God will care for me.

I’m approved when I have unadulterated, single-minded and holy motives in my inner being; for then I’ll continually see God for myself.

I’m approved when I act to resolve conflict by ministering love and reconciliation, in Christ, to those estranged from one another or from God; for then I have the dignity and honour of doing God’s work.

I’m doubly approved when I’m willing to accept people’s opposition, mocking, harassment, insults, false accusations, scorn and abuse because of my loyalty to Christ; for then God’s sovereign rule is mine and I can rejoice with Jesus’ guarantee of a great, joyful and eternal reward being kept for me in heaven.

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