For God

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

My Father-in-law, the late Ken Terhoven, had been teaching a Sunday School attended by a number of Indian children. His custom was to teach the boys and girls a memory verse each week and then test them on their ability to recall the verse the next week.

On the Sunday in question he faced the expectant throng of eager children and asked them to raise their hand if they knew how to say John 3:16. As usual a score of hands darted into the air and some children eagerly called out; “Me Sah!  Me Sah!  Me Sah!” One little fellow was especially persistent and it was obvious that he would burst if he wasn’t given the singular honour of saying John 3:16. Dad was never one to disappoint a child so he succumbed to the boy’s persistence and asked him to stand up and say John 3:16 in a loud clear voice so that all the others would hear. With a noticeable sense of importance and dignity the boy got to his feet, waited for absolute silence, and then said seriously; “John 3:16.” That was it! Just those three words, and then he sat down with a sense of pride at his achievement.

Of course we all laugh at this story for we recognize how easy it is for children to misunderstand instructions. But it’s a far greater plight when both adults and children fail to act on what they do understand.

Check your understanding of John 3:16 by answering the following three questions: Do you know “God so loved (you)?” Do you know that “God so loved (you) that he gave his one and only Son (for you)?” And do you know “that (if you) believe in him (you) shall not perish but have eternal life?”

If you have answered yes to all three questions then rejoice in your salvation. If you have answered no then act right now by responding to what you now know. Confess your sin, accept His love for you, and believe in Him for eternal life.

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