Bless us all …

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect”    1 Peter 3:15b

Rick and Aime Brownbill are watch and clock specialists. At their shop Perfect Timing in downtown Orillia one can hear the familiar sound of the Westminster “Big Ben” chimes. Day in and day out this simple tune resonates through the shop as the many Grandfather and mantle clocks chime and strike out the hours. The lyrics to the Westminster chime are a prayer which says, “Oh Lord our God, Thy children call, Grant us Thy peace, And bless us all …”

The significance of the chime is not lost on Aime. She says, “I always hear the words in my mind as the clocks chime, and it has become our continual prayer for Orillia.” Aime learnt the words to the chime when she was in Brownies. At the conclusion of the Brownies meeting they would sing the words. Looking back Aime realises that this was one of the ways in which God was establishing His truth in her life. Now, as a committed Christian, Aime wants everyone to know the truth that set her free. In a report in The Local Web, titled Daily Chimes Bring “Big Ben” Prayer to Mind it said, “The wish that Rick and Aime want to pass on is that we would come to God, that we know His peace and receive His blessings as we simply ask Him, just like children …”

What an excellent message. Rick and Aime aren’t just running a business. They’re Christians using their business as an opportunity to proclaim the hope they have in Christ Jesus. It reminds me of how we should all be blooming where we’re planted. Like Rick and Aime we should be looking for the unique message in the situation where God has placed us so that Christ can use it to point people to Himself.

So why not do what Rick and Aime have done? Look around. Discover the message in your circumstances so that God can use it as a testimony to His honour and glory. Then, when you’ve identified the message find ways to tell others about it. Rick and Aime wrote an article for their local newspaper and sent it in for publication. As a result the message rang out beyond the confines of their shop. You can do the same. In the context of your life there’s something special you can share with others that will proclaim the hope and blessings you have in Christ Jesus.

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