“Where there is no vision the people perish” Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

 “A vision without a task is but a dream;

A task without a vision is drudgery;

A vision and a task is the hope of the world.”

A church in Sussex, England. 1730


“Eyes that look are common.

Eyes that see are rare.”

J Oswald Sanders.


“The real danger in our situation lies in the fact that so many people see clearly

what they are revolting from and so few see at all what they are revolting to.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick.


“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy,

your young men will see visions,

your old men will dream dreams” Acts 2:17


“Vision is of God. A vision comes in advance of any task well done.”

Katherine Logan.


There’s something to be admired in people who think laterally and use their imagination. I was reminded of this when I heard about two Inuit in Northern Canada who were out ice fishing. The one had his line down a hole about the size of a small manhole and the other had cut a hole that was about the size and shape of a whale! Now that’s vision. This man who was thinking big. He was ready for anything. He was expecting something more than small fry.

But I wonder what the other man must have been thinking. There he was at his little hole and every now and again he probably looked over at the fellow with the whale size hole. Did he ever think about making his hole bigger? I’m sure that’s what I would have done. For vision is contagious; even when it looks foolish it often has a profound effect on others. Yes, there’s nothing that excites and motivates people like a vision to accomplish something special. And sadly, there’s nothing worse than a person with no vision. As Helen Keller, the blind and deaf poet wrote, “The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack vision.”


To see  … you must be focussed.

To be focussed  … you must have an objective.

To have an objective  … you must have vision.

To have vision  … you must see what God wants you to see.

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