Build the Church

“Excel in gifts that build up the church” 1 Corinthians 14:12

In 1 Corinthians 14:12 it says, “Excel in gifts that build up the church.” That means the Lord wants you to concentrate on doing the things that will help the church develop and grow. None of us should be living carelessly or uselessly. The church should have our loyalty, our labour, and love. Let’s not forget; we’re to live for Him. And what does that mean? It means we’re to join Christ in doing what He’s doing. And what’s He doing? He’s building – He’s building the church (cf. Matthew 16:18). He’s the Contractor and we’re the trades’ people. We’re what He uses to get the job done.

So according to your gift, get building. If you’re an architect – design according to the Master’s plan. If you’re an engineer – help others handle the load and deal with stress. If you build foundations – build them on the Rock. If you’re a carpenter – fit things together so that unity is brought to the whole structure. If you’re an electrician – provide a spark to hotwire people to God. If you’re a framer – erect each part straight and true. If you’re a plumber – make sure things flow and help others tap into the Source. If you do renovations – make changes for the better. If you’re a roofer – be responsible for keeping things out that shouldn’t get in. If you’re a dry-waller – make things smooth but don’t fill cracks that haven’t been fixed. If you’re a painter or interior decorator – make the church a beautiful place. If you specialize in windows – help others see the light. If you’re a locksmith – open doors and help people get in. If you lay carpets – bring warmth and comfort wherever it’s needed. If you’re a telephone technician – get people connected with the Operator and with one another. If you’re a mason – work with block, brick and stone to strengthen the structure. If you do heating and air conditioning – make sure the church is never lukewarm. If you put in roads and driveways – hold to His path as you help others walk in the Way. And if you’re a landscaper or gardener – make the church look good from the outside but don’t forget to regularly come inside.

There’s a job for everyone. All of us should be building. In season and out of season we should be hard at it. For God wants us to wear out – not rust out. We must build the church until the contract’s complete.

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