Thank you Jesus

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” 1 Chronicles 16:34

When it comes to thanking Jesus for who He is and what He means to us we can never thank Him enough. Nonetheless, here’s an attempt to say, “Thank you Jesus.”

Thank you Jesus for always identifying yourself with the least, the last and the lost. In so doing You have stood as a rebuke to every form of pride and prejudice to which men and women are liable.

Thank you Jesus for being anything but tame. Your searing honesty cuts to the core. You defy categorization, refuse to be put in a box, and are radically unlike anyone else who has ever lived or will ever live.

Thank you Jesus for being our all in all. You alone are sufficient. You’re our Prophet, our Priest, our Prince, our Pleasure, our Pardon, our Purpose, our Power, our Provision, and our Peace.

Thank you Jesus for never being soft on sin. You hold the highest standards of moral purity while simultaneously showing grace to those who fail to live up to those standards. In You alone there’s a divine balance. For You embrace the sinner without encouraging the sin.

Thank you Jesus for being the God-Man. For being God’s exact replica. You are “the image of the invisible God” Colossians 1:15. You gave us Yourself in the form of a person yet You are “Very God of Very God.”

Thank you Jesus for being a man of joy; for being anointed by Your Father with the oil of gladness (cf. Hebrews 1:9). You never allowed Yourself to get wrapped up in religious smog but enjoyed life to the full and want the same thing for those who love You.

Thank you Jesus for making it harder, rather than easier, to accept You as Lord. You leave no room to manoeuver. We must decide; You are either the Son of God sent to save sinners, or a deluded imposter (cf. Lewis C. S. Mere Christianity).

Thank you Jesus for standing up to the scrutiny of the world. Thank you for standing up to my investigation. Without reservation, You are all I want my Lord to be.

Thank you Jesus for being the Author of life. The Cosmic Christ. The Word who was God. Through You all things were made; without You nothing was made that has been made (cf. John 1:3).

Thank you Jesus for being the focal point. In You we have clarity when life seems fuzzy.

Thank you Jesus for Your tenderness and sympathy. You never shout at us, never break us, and even though You could, and on many occasions probably should, You never snuff us out (cf. Isaiah 42:2-3).

Thank you Jesus for bringing God near. God isn’t somewhere off in the distance. When You breathed Your final breath on the cross “the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom” Mark 15:38. Now God is no longer partitioned off in the Most Holy Place. Access to His presence is immediate. Your sacrifice has given us the intimacy with which we now know God as Abba, the loving Father.

Thank you Jesus for meaning more than the world to me. In You I’ve found the answer to my greatest needs, the satisfaction of my deepest longings, the dispelling of my darkest fears, and the fulfilment of my highest aspirations.

Thank you Jesus for speaking the truth. You are no mere prophet among prophets, teacher among teachers, or voice among many voices. You are the very Word of God (cf. John 1:1), the truth that sets us free (cf. John 8:32).

Thank you Jesus for being the sinless Friend of sinners. Your uncompromising blend of courtesy toward sinners and hostility toward sin is unsurpassed.

And thank you Jesus for giving us “a love that can never be fathomed; a life that can never die; a righteousness that can never be tarnished; a peace that can never be understood; a joy that can never be diminished; a hope that can never be disappointed; a glory that can never be clouded; a light that can never be darkened; a happiness that can never be enfeebled; a purity that can never be defiled; a beauty that can never be marred; a wisdom that can never be baffled; and resources that can never be exhausted” Anonymous.

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