Stirrings In The Grave

But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him Acts 2:24 (NIV)

In the shadow of departed souls the grave stirs once again

Who is this new arrival? Which king has now been slain?

They marvel at the coronet which, see, His brow adorns:

No king they knew would ever wear a cruel crown of thorns!

The demons in the background, shriek out their joyful glee:

Their scheming plans have brought about His death – their victory.

He’d claimed to be the Prince of Life, Divine Eternal Son,

But now He’s joined the shadows where all earthly kings have come.

Yet what these spirits didn’t know is known to you and me,

It’s told within the Scriptures, we know more than they can see.

Unlike the haughty emperors, this king was very meek,

His virtue was humility, He loved the poor and weak.

And so He died, He gave His life, His purpose was to save,

Lost and sinful humankind by going to the grave.

There He’d left His body as He went on down to Hell

And visited the spirits who, through their sinning, fell.

Just as these spirits settled down to their monotony,

The Spirit of the Son of God rose to the count of three!

For up on earth where time still ruled, the third day was ahead,

And Jesus knew the hour had come to rise up from the dead!

Reversing up death’s tunnel, disturbing souls asleep,

He did what none had ever done – He rose up from the deep!

He snatched His body from the grave, He tore aside the stone,

Then called two angels to stand guard and notify His own

Now He’s no longer in the grave, He’s conquered death and sin;

The devil’s had his great defeat, and cannot keep Him in!

Because He took the lowest place in great humility,

He’s given now the highest place in all eternity.

King Jesus has the greatest name, he is the noblest Lord,

He rules the mighty Universe, His victory is scored.

As every knee to Him must bow, all people on the earth,

Yes, even in the underworld, they now concede His worth!

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